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TR 2 for boxes about me

Why do I celebrate my inconsistency so much?

Because being in the body is inconsistent and illogical.

And being in my body means being in my flow, 

and taking inspired action and living my heart’s true desires.

For the first thirty years of my life I struggled with a childlike feeling of shame because I didn’t know how to be consistently true to myself. When I was being true to myself I felt like a brilliant ray of sunshine pouring through a cloud, but I was’t logical and very rarely could I explain or rationalise myself to others. I felt humiliated that my heart’s desires made no sense and were so inconsistent. I strived to be consistent and achieve socially respectable goals, which certainly reaped the reward of other people’s approval. But that only lasted so long and left me feeling disempowered and disconnected from my body. I was woefully ashamed of my inconsistency in all areas of my life including my career, relationships, hobbies, and studies. Until recently, I had no idea just how perfect this really was.

Professionally, I have been a teacher, teacher trainer, and I have project managed national level educational programmes. Personally, I have studied and participated in many self-development and esoteric practices. This includes nearly two decades of shamanic work, reiki, psychic training, astrology, Human Design and Law of Attraction. I am a certified Holistic Life Coach and Mediation and Mindfulness Teacher. I am currently completing a PhD in Life Coaching.

And I love, love, love to play! I love imagining, experimenting, doodling, finger painting and making things with plasticine. Being in the magical flow of these activities is such an effortless, fun and transformative experience, as it allows my “inner child” to have fun, feel safe and express herself. I would love to help you do the same.

Tiga-Rose is like a sunbeam, pouring sunshine through the computer and into your world.  Her excitement and enthusiasm for life just radiates from every pore.

Julie-Anne G, UK