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Listen to bliss!

Icon image for meditation (1)One of the parts of the Playing with Love sessions that consistently gets super positive feedback from clients is the opening guide meditation and visualisation. One client in particular explained how she would love to be able to do one of my meditations whenever she felt like, not just during our sessions.  So, I recorded one for her, which is now available here from my Shop of Delights on my website. I find it really beautiful, soothing and grounding, even if I do say so myself! Head over to the shop and check it out.

Other clients who have enjoyed this meditation have since asked for their own specific themed ones. Most of which will also be released in the shop shortly. And if you want me to create your own, bespoke guided meditation, you can order one through the Shop of Delights.

I’m super excited about a weekly meditation subscription I’m launching next month, not to mention the accompanying app that is in the works! Watch this space!

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