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The abundant gift of decrease


The I Ching has fascinated and inspired me for many years. For those who know the Human Design system, I was born with my sun in Hexagram 41, the hexagram of Decrease.

Personally, I absolutely love it. But what about abundance, you ask? Not to mention having more money and prosperity?! Decrease sounds like loss and contraction, decrease sounds like a bit of a bummer…

The Decrease of the 41 is the pressure to get rid of all conditioning and constructed forms. It’s the pressure to feel more, to move beyond excess, addiction and distractions. We think we need these things to be present in the world, to be socially acceptable, and to define us individually. But what they actually do is hide us. They hide our unique, exquisite essence, our delicious, individual loveliness. The 41 dares us to let go of all these preconceived beliefs and dogma.

I got this tattoo as a reminder to myself. A reminder to be the role model emotional alpha I came here to be, to play, to always choose love, to follow my highest excitementt and bliss, and to let go of all the rest.

The 41 is like the winter gardener: by cutting back all the old, dead wood, we can make way for new growth. Diminishing is augmenting. Decrease can be wildly liberating and luxuriously expansive.

If you cut back your ‘dead wood’, who would be left still standing?

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