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MT kids

Please sponsor us!

When I’m not coaching, I like to run in the hot, hot sun, and raise money for seriously good causes. This time is a local Mauy Thai Foster kids project. In partnership with Chiang Mai Home for Boys, Bangarang gym staff have put together an after school programme to help teach these kids new skills, discipline, English basics, and a chance for the older kids to help in the development of the younger ones by learning to be trainers themselves. This amazing, grassroots project has captured my heart and I am so eager to see it grow and flourish. A friend and I will be running the Chiang Mai half marathon AT NIGHT, UP A MOUNTAIN (I am not joking!) on 13th April. For pity’s sake, make it worth our while and sponsor us please!

Just click here to find out more and donate on the Gofundme page. Every penny, cent or magic bean is hugely appreciated and will go directly to the kids. And a little goes a very long way out here and every single cent goes directly to the project. So get out those credit cards and give us all your money!! (Ok, some of it. Please?!) 😀

Thank you so much in advance! So love much and appreciation to you!

MT kids

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