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Welcome to

Playing with Love!

Coaching with Tiga-Rose Nercessian, 

The Joy Alchemist

Together, we can transmute the mundane in your life and release what’s no longer helpful. We can joyously play our way to a life of pure gold, one with maximum love, joy, pleasure, & bliss!

What are the benefits of Playing with Love coaching?

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Why do Playing with Love coaching?

There are eight key outcomes to coaching with me are:

  1. Getting in touch with your unique inner wisdom and desires
  2. Reconnecting with your inner guidance, knowing and creativity inside your body
  3. Making you the centre of your life, not living through a secondary role or external recognition
  4. Embracing your ‘weaknesses’ and inconsistencies as your greatest strengths 
  5. Learning to hold space for yourself and know your own standards
  6. Understanding your life on your own terms
  7. Embodying the new, super potent, un-armoured, emotional feminine warrior within you
  8. Revelling in the new balancing of the masculine and feminine within you.
Listen to bliss!

One of the parts of the Playing with Love sessions that consistently gets super positive...

Listen to bliss!
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When I’m not coaching, I like to run in the hot, hot sun, and raise...

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The abundant gift of decrease

The I Ching has fascinated and inspired me for many years. For those who know...

The abundant gift of decrease

It’s time to take care of your health now! And you see this guest will visit the club